Under Cover Of Darkness - The Strokes

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a gay porn blog reblogged my selfie and followed me. hell yeah.

Anonymous said: You're super cute c: !!!

Thanks! i’m sure you are to whomever you are!


You ever fucked a motherfucker with a credit score above 700?

Want to?


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reblog if you want anonymous opinions of you



AmeriKKKa 2014: “Forever Racist” TwitterEdition

It took me less than five minutes to collect this small sampling of tweets. Throughout the day, I’ve seen even more horrifying responses in the comments section of pretty much every news site. There’s even been a flurry of racist anon comments in my own inbox. Don’t ever fool yourself into believing that racism isn’t alive and thriving in America right now. #staywoke #sicktomystomach  

These people need to be kept in cages

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FKA Twigs x Paris


FKA Twigs x Paris

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